Doctoral Programme in Network and Information Technologies

Author: Hamza Ed-douibi
Programme: Doctoral Programme in Network and Information Technologies
Language: English
Supervisors: Dr. Jordi Cabot Sagrera and Dr. Javier Luis Cánovas Izquierdo
Faculty / Institute: Doctoral School UOC
Subjects: Computer Science
Key words: web API, REST, MDE
Area of knowledge: Network and Information Technologies

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Web APIs have become an increasingly key asset for businesses, and their implementation and integration in companies' daily activities has thus been on the rise. In practice, most of these Web APIs are "REST-like", meaning that they adhere partially to the Representational State Transfer (REST) architectural style. In fact, REST is a design paradigm and does not propose any standard, so developing and consuming REST APIs end up being challenging and time-consuming tasks for API providers and clients. Therefore, the aim of this thesis is to facilitate the design, implementation, composition and consumption of REST APIs by relying on Model-Driven Engineering (MDE). Likewise, it offers the following contributions: EMF-REST, APIDiscoverer, APITester, APIGenerator and APIComposer. Together, these contributions make up an ecosystem which advances the state of the art of automated software engineering for REST APIs.