The Government of Catalonia sets the prices each academic year for credits and other academic services for the Catalan public universities and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

The UOC is legally required to apply the prices set in Government of Catalonia Decree 128/2022, of 28 June, which sets the prices for academic services for public universities.

Price and enrolment Fees

  • Price per credit: 32,28€/cr
  • Price per learning resources credit: 15,16€/cr

Biannual Fees:

  • Fee for supervision, tutorship and continous assessment of the doctoral thesis: 200,56€
  • Fee for the management of your record: 54,54€
  • Fee for learning support services: 101,47€


  • Fee for requesting your certificate : 218,15€
  • Fee for oral examination and defence of the doctoral thesis: 156,87€
  • Fee for requesting your record: 54,54€

Research, transfer and entrepreneurship courses

Research, transfer and entrepreneurship courses have an academic value of between 2 and 3 credits each. If you want to check the price set for each of the courses you can go to the main page of the program that interests you: