Access and admission

Access and admission

If you are thinking of applying for a doctoral programme, it is vital that you choose the line of research you want to pursue and contact the lead researcher with whom you will have to prepare your candidature.

There are two forms of admission for UOC doctoral programmes. In each case, admission depends on a favourable decision from the corresponding programme’s academic committee: 


  •  To apply for admission, follow the steps indicated for your chosen programme.  


Once you have applied, you will be able to find more detailed information on the admission procedure in Procedures> Doctoral programme admissions documentation on the Virtual Campus.

Via the form, you will need to tell us if you wish to apply for a UOC grant and attach all the relevant documentation – both academic and admissions documentation. 


  •   Another competitive grant: Consult Other grants section.


Call Calendar
1 December 2023: Start of the application period for admission to the doctoral programmes.
12 February 2024: End of the call for applications for access and admission to doctoral programmes.
19 February 2024: Publication of the provisional lists of applications to be assessed. .
19 February to 26 February 2024: Period for appeals of the applications to be evaluated.
29 February 2024: Publication of the final lists of applications to be assessed. 
6 May 2024: Publication of the provisional resolution on the accepted online and granted candidates. 
6 May to 13 May 2024: Period for appeals of the selection of online and granted candidates.
27 May 2023: Publication of the final resolution on the candidates admitted to the doctoral programmes and those who are granted.
July 2024: Start of the enrolment period 2024-25.
September 2024: Start of the academic year 2024-25.
You can see the calendar for the interuniversity doctoral programme in Business Administration and Management on its web page.


Number of vacancies:
eLearning: 20
Networks and Information Technologies: 20
Bioinformatics: 5
Humanities and Communication: 15
Health and Psychology: 20
Business Management: 15
Tourism: 12
Society, Technology, and Culture: 15
Law, Politics, and Economics: 12


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