Network and Information Technologies

Estudi dels sistemes d'informació analítics en el context universitari: proposta d'un sistema analític universal per a la universitat

Doctoral Programme in Network and Information Technologies

Author: Isabel Guitart Hormigo
Programme: Doctoral Programme in Network and Information Technologies
Language: Catalan
Supervisor: Dr. Jordi Conesa
Faculty / Institute: Doctoral School UOC
Subjects: Computer Science
Key words: university, learning analytic, management of analytical project, best practices
Area of knowledge: Network and Information Technologies

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Creating analytical systems with the aim of making companies more competitive has been a key element in businesses' success; these systems have evolved to reach a certain maturity, and businesses have become well versed in their implantation. However, when applied to universities, analytical systems have been less successful. In order to make up for this, several analytical approaches have appeared recently, most of them under the umbrella of learning analytics. In contrast with analytical systems employed in businesses, university analytical systems tend to be very focused. Specifically, there are two main analytical approaches within universities: one is focused on university management with institutional support, while the other emphasizes students¿ learning process, usually without institutional support. This dissertation discusses the need to combine both approaches to create an institutional and cross-disciplinary analytical system that encompasses all the activities carried out by universities.