Information and Knowledge Society

Modelo para el análisis de aplicaciones visuales educativas en Realidad Aumentada desde la perspectiva de la semiótica visual

Doctoral Programme on the Information and Knowledge Society

Author: Germán Alberto Gallego Trujillo
Programme: Doctoral Programme on the Information and Knowledge Society
Language:  Spanish
Supervisor: Dr Gemma San Cornelio Esquerdo
Faculty / Institute: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

Key words: Augmented reality, communication, education, ICT

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Our vision of augmented reality involves technology that can support, facilitate and enhance teaching and learning processes by enriching physical educational environments and objects with symbolic, online forms that are perceived on site through technological devices. Our research aims to build an analytical model for education-focused augmented reality products, and is structured around three dimensions. Our initial focus is on teaching. In this area, emphasis is being placed less on transferring educational content and more on having students gain knowledge through learning experiences. The second dimension is technology, where augmented reality has ceased to be a mere instrument and now creates spaces for social interaction where knowledge, practices and values can be discussed. Finally, we take a look at communication, which we understand as any speech act-interaction-meaning building process taking place in a learning environment.