Doctoral Programme in Education and ICT (e-learning)

Author: Greig Emil Krull
Programme: Doctoral Programme in Education and ICT (e-learning)
Language: English
Supervisors: Dr. Josep Maria Duart Montoliu
Faculty / Institute: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. eLearn Center (eLC)

Key words: Open and distance learning, multiple devices, seamless learning, mobile learning

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The objective of this doctoral thesis is to understand the learning habits and behaviours of students using different devices in their learning in order to determine how they move between technologies, locations and learning activities, and the types of support they require. A mixed methods case study was conducted at two open and distance learning (ODL) universities, one in Spain and one in South Africa. Students are able to continue their learning experiences across different contexts and settings with the aid of mobile and personal technologies, together with internet services. This fulfils the aim of seamless learning. The results of the study will enable universities to design better learning experiences or offer improved support services to better meet the needs of students using multiple devices.