UOC opens call for postdoctoral research stays

The deadline to apply is 17 February

The UOC's Research and Innovation Committee has approved the publication of a call for five new three-year postdoctoral research stays at the UOC. The places are aimed at teaching staff and postdoctoral researchers specialized in any of the areas of knowledge covered by the University's research groups. The deadline to apply is 17 February.

The call is aimed at researchers holding a doctoral degree from the UOC or another institution who meet the terms and conditions set forth by the call. Candidates holding a doctoral degree from the UOC must provide proof of having carried out at least one other postdoctoral stay at another university or research centre for a minimum of two years.

Backing for interdisciplinarity

Researchers who are interested can choose between two types of research stay. Firstly, there is an opportunity to carry out an interdisciplinary postdoctoral stay. This option is the result of the UOC's push for interdisciplinary research, as laid out in its Strategic Plan. For the purposes of this call, interdisciplinary research is considered to be research which merges knowledge and methodology from different disciplines through an observable synthesis or combination of approaches. This differs from multidisciplinary research, in which researchers from different disciplines work together.

The other option is one that has been available in past calls, with a minimum of four places offered for researchers to join the UOC's research groups. To view a list of the University's research groups, click here.

Researchers must indicate which option they would like to opt for. They cannot apply for both.


The call is open to research staff who obtained their doctoral degree between 2 January 2014 and the call's submission deadline. Those who received their degree after 1 January 2012 may also apply as long as they provide evidence of subsequently being on maternity leave or having dependent persons in their care; this evidence must be submitted before the deadline for acceptance of the stay.

The researchers awarded the available places must not have worked with the UOC through a business or employment contract at any time during the two years prior to the publication of this call.

The provisional resolution of the call will be made public from 31 March, after which time a period for appeals until 5 April. The appeals and final decision will then be made public from 24 April

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