Knowledge transfer and entrepeneurship

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The UOC’s R&I is continuously generating knowledge suitable for transfer. Our projects are open to the possibility of being adapted, implemented and improved to achieve the needs of a potential collaborator.

The kinds of results involved in the UOC’s knowledge transfer are: technological solutions, patents and technologies for licensing, applications, spin-offs and university-corporate services.

The UOC also has 8 chairs in different domains, all of which promote research and interdisciplinary knowledge transfer.



industrial doctorates
revenue from university-business agreements*

* Data since 2010

Technological solutions

Industrial Doctorates Plan

Entrepeneurship and business creation

We offer a range of services to help exploit and transfer R&I output, whether promoting scientific exploitation, creating spin-offs or seeking other forms of collaborative development with third parties.


Care Respite

A joint venture with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, it offers a smart monitoring system for caregivers of dependant people.

Immersium Studio

It delivers virtual reality and augmented reality experiences for all kinds of fields, especially education, culture, health and tourism.

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Hubbik programmes

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Support for entrepreneurial initiatives

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