Information and Knowledge Society

La actividad del docente en postgrado y su interacción con los entornos virtuales

Doctoral Programme on the Information and Knowledge Society

Author: Lidia Cisneros Hernández
Programme: Doctoral Programme on the Information and Knowledge Society
Language:  English
Supervisor: Dr. Sara Catalina Hernández Gallardo
Faculty / Institute: Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3)

Key words: Virtual teaching, interaction, virtual environments
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This research is located in the perspective of pragmatism; it addresses the problem of how graduate teachers interact with virtual environment's tools to perform teaching and approaches the activity theory to explain this interaction. There are four dimensions included: Educational, social, policy and technology, in addition to fourteen actions. The question to answer is: What activities and actions are recognized in the performance of graduate teachers in virtual environments, and how these teachers interact with its tools? The relationship of teaching and the system tools, classified according to web 2.0, is searched. Its contribution is in the methodological; it adds to the knowledge of what and how graduate teachers do virtual teaching, opens a line of research for understanding this phenomenon, and generates knowledge of the strategies of expert teachers to train new ones.