Information and Knowledge Society

Electrodance as a "being-together": New forms of mediatization in the communication of youth styles

Doctoral Programme on the Information and Knowledge Society

Author: Toni Cambra González
Programme: Doctoral Programme on the Information and Knowledge Society
Language:  English
Supervisor: Dr Roger Martínez Sanmartí
Faculty / Institute: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3)

Key words: Social media, communication, interface, youth, culture, dance

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This thesis focuses on the study of what is known as ElectroDance youth style - i.e. a dance and sound style which began to blossom within Parisian clubs and affluent suburbs in 2006, spreading quickly across the globe in subsequent years. The aim is to explore the way youth cultures and styles are culturally produced under the conditions of the current global network communication environment. The thesis theoretically and empirically analyses electrodancers' everyday practices, paying special attention to those based on an intensive use of new media, that create a sense togetherness among the youth. Concepts such as mediatization, interface and broadcast versus network communication build an interpretative framework which allows a way to look at which of the traditional notions (public and private, production and consumption, global and local, or technologically-mediated and face-to-face interaction) manifest themselves differently nowadays, acquiring thus a new expression at a time when global mass-communication is in constant transformation.