Information and Knowledge Society

Tecnologías de la información y las comunicaciones (TIC) y atención al cliente minorista en una entidad financiera. Un análisis empírico desde la percepción de los empleados

Doctoral Programme on the Information and Knowledge Society

Author: F. Xavier Iribarne Navarro
Programme: Doctoral Programme on the Information and Knowledge Society
Language: Spanish
Supervisor: Dr. Joan Torrent Sellens
Faculty / Institute: Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3)
Key words: ICT, Financial sector, Retail banking, Co-innovation, Efficiency, Business management, Innovation

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This thesis investigates the determinants and results that the interaction between ICT, information systems, risk management, new methods of work organization and human resource management (all considered as co-innovation factors) as well as the complementary relationships between them, have an impact on the provision of services to retail customers in banking, and on the perception of their satisfaction. Incidence expressed in terms of the views of employees of the bank. The analysis of these determinants allows: (i) clarify the relationships that result from such co-innovation factors with respect to the perception that employees of the financial sector have about the customer satisfaction; (ii) know the factors explaining the new business models and efficiency in the provision of financial services and (iii) verify internal perceptions of how ICT influence the commercial management in banking.