Author: Jordi Oliva Codina

Language: English

Director: Dr. Alba Colombo Vilarra
Department/institute: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Programme: Humanities Society of Science and Information

Subjects: Music, culture, intangible impacts

Keywords: education, innovation, creativity, design

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Cultural impact perception through emotions in the context of music festivals


As a type of cultural event, music festivals have triumphed economically and socially in recent decades. In trying to understand the experience that such events provoke in their audience, academics have proposed diverse models in evaluating the event experience from several disciplines. However little attention received the internal cultural development of festival-goers in relation with the emotions experienced in music festivals contexts. This study reveals –through quantitative and qualitative analysis– the experience in music festivals as an opportunity to develop specific features of festival-goer's cultural identity along with the arousal of intense emotions. Finally, it relates these intangible analyses with the intentionality of the festival organizers implied in the organization of the event.