Support for R&I activity

The UOC’s Technology Surveillance service offers updated information of value to the UOC’s research groups and areas so that they can identify new opportunities, avoid duplication in research, find partners/cooperation and take an active part in publications and events.

Specialised, customised information for carrying on R&I activities. This is what the University’s new Technology Surveillance service provides. The Knowledge Transfer Unit has designed a website making quality, filtered information available to the UOC’s R&I staff so they can keep up to date on all current issues related to research, innovation and transfer activities.

This new service is incorporated as a new section of the OSRT intranet, which R&I staff can access with their user name and password.

Research staff have the chance to sign up to the newsletters generated and receive an e-mail notification when a new issue is published. Two types of newsletters are currently published: a newsletter with general information and specialised newsletters. In this new section, users of the Technology Surveillance Service have news items of interest, symposiums, subsidies, scientific articles, regulations, and technology and knowledge supply and demand as well as other useful specialised information which can be shared as well as consulted. The format bringing all this information together is the newsletter.

First, all service users receive e-mail notification about the new general newsletter, which consists of information affecting all UOC R&I activity. Second, using the same system, the research groups keep up to date with latest information in the specific newsletters affecting their activities.  

The UOC's Technology Watch Service has been possible thanks to the cofunding by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, in the announcement “Programa de Apoyo a la Función Transferencia en Centros de Investigación para la ejecución de Planes Estratégicos de Transferencia (INNCIDE-PETRA 2010)".