In the current globalised environment, the generation of new knowledge and technology and its transformation into new products and services is one of the most important challenges for maintaining and improving the competitiveness of businesses and society in general.

Over the last few years the UOC has been working to achieve closer cooperation links with businesses, other universities, R&I bodies, etc. in accordance with the third objective all universities need to achieve: knowledge and technology transfer towards their environments.

Different actions are being carried out at the UOC to promote and encourage this knowledge and technology transfer. These actions range from the creation of the Transfer Unit of the Research and Innovation Area (ARI), to different activities carried out for companies associated with the UOC, including promoting collaboration between the UOC and alumni and, also, through the UOC’s International Area, with the aim of promoting the transfer of the university’s R&I to Europe, America, emerging countries in Asia, etc.

Concerning the R&I activity carried out at the UOC, the ARI has been set up as the point of contact between the university and its environment, with the main aim of transferring the results obtained and being able to apply them for possible exploitation. This transfer activity must achieve a useful result that can be applied in business and for society in general.

The ARI is developing and implementing the university’s knowledge generation, protection and transfer strategy. To achieve the aim of transferring knowledge inside and outside the UOC, various activities have been planned. These have been implemented ever since the ARI was set up and they will be fully established by April 2014. They are: 

  • Management of agreements and contracts related to R&I activity.
  • Management of the supply and demand of technology and knowledge.
  • Technology and knowledge investigation and surveillance.
  • Evaluation, protection and exploitation of the University’s R&I results.

Over the last few years, several cases of successful collaboration between the UOC and other bodies have been achieved. From collaboration in competitive projects with Ferrovial, Ibermtica, ICA, TECSIDEL, among others, to participation in R&I activities contracted with public bodies and companies like the Orange Foundation, Telefnica I+D, Novartis Farmacutica, Tic i Salut Foundation, etc.