Authorship: Aleksandra Wilczynska
Programme: Work related well-being. The case of knowledge workers in Poland
Lenguage: English
Supervisor: Dr. Joan Torrent-Sellens, Dr. Dominik Batorski
Departament / Institut: Information and Knowledge Society
Subjects: Ciencias sociales
Key words: education, innovation, creativity, design

Area of knowledge: Information and Knowledge Society

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Information and Knowledge Society. Defensa Tesis en la UOC

The thesis tackles the subject of well-being at work, investigating the link between the employment flexibility and job insecurity, organizational justice and their association with job satisfaction and work-family balance. The research strives to unravel the role of these aspects of job environment and work-related perceptions among knowledge workers in Poland. In the first part, the research aims to show how job insecurity among various contractual groups impacts job satisfaction of knowledge workers.
In the second part, the influence interpersonal justice on job satisfaction among employees is addressed. In the third part, occupational unemployment is analysed as an antecedent of job insecurity. In the final part, the link between long working hours, work-related problems, the use of ICTs at home and problems in familial life is analysed. The study presents the main drivers of workers’ satisfaction and wellbeing. It also exposes vulnerabilities of the analysed groups, showing who should be provided a greater institutional protection and in which areas.