Author: Adriana Nicolau Jiménez

Language: Catalan and English

Director: Dr.Teresa Iribarren Donadeu
Department/institute: Estudis d’Arts i Humanitats /Programa en Societat de la Informació i el Coneixement

Programme:  Estudis de Gènere/Estudis Teatrals 

Subjects: Science and knowledge. Research. Culture. Humanities

Keywords: Theatre, Gender, Contemporary Catalan Theatre, Feminisms, Feminist Motives, Theatre Studies, María José Ragué Arias

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Feminismes al teatre català contemporani (2000-2019)


This dissertation studies the impact of feminisms on contemporary Catalan theatre, taking, as an object of study, theatre plays staged in Barcelona between 2000 and 2019. Due to the lack of critical views on the relationships among Catalan theatre, gender and feminisms, I draw my analytical frame from anglophone feminist theatre studies, as well as from María José Ragué Arias’ pioneer contributions. The research has involved the study of a wide range of plays, conceived as spectacular representations and thus studied taking their scenic dimension into account. Thanks to the systematic comparison of this corpus, a series of feminist motives, present in remarkable groups of plays, has emerged: splittings, genealogies and transitions. In conclusion, this doctoral thesis furthers an innovative analytical and methodological frame in order to recognise and examine the signification of feminisms’ impact on Catalan contemporary theatre, while offering a first cartography of this phenomenon (presented as an attached catalogue of 148 plays).