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We provide support to educational institutions in other countries, guiding them through the complex process of developing their teaching, technological and organizational model to incorporate online methodologies in their courses and programmes.

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Advice on digital transformation in education

What is our methodology?

Taking the institution's strategic philosophy as the starting point, our work involves defining their online educational model, the organizational model that supports it, and the service model the institution needs to develop on the basis of this new pedagogical vision, intensifying their use of technology.

We organize synchronous weekly work meetings to address different aspects that the institution needs to consider in relation to operating online. We share a space on the UOC Virtual Campus containing resources and content associated with each of the planned milestones, enabling tracking and asynchronous work during the rest of the week.

Measures for staff's digital transformation

The implementation of digital methods entails various requirements; as well as revisions of the educational, organizational and service models, it calls for internal change management.

The process of institutional change inevitably impacts the institution's staff at all levels. Measures can be taken prior to, during and after the online advisory process to raise awareness and transform professional profiles.

Transformation and awareness-raising for teachers

Transformation and awareness-raising for management teams

Webinars aimed at management tiers in higher education institutions with the aim of providing guidance on strategic thinking for internal decision-making processes, based on work meetings to discuss the key challenges of online education, current trends in the online learning market, etc.:

  • Trends in educational services models.
  • Digitalization of the institutional management model.
  • Key elements and agents in an online education model.
  • Institutional distinctiveness as a driver of change to an online model.
  • Quality in online education.

Format: synchronous platform to be determined

Small groups

Duration: 45-60 minutes

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