Teaching staff

The Learning Design Consultancy Team provides expert technological and pedagogical support for teachers, in particular on the design of learning processes: preparing activities, applying methodologies, creating courses, formulating competencies, designing assessments, etc.

This support is provided in personalized advisory sessions addressing different programmes and through the creation and selection of resources in the following areas:

  • Niu challenge design
  • Teaching methodologies
  • Assessment and virtualization
  • Engagement and feedback
  • Didactic activities and sequences
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the gender perspective
  • New Canvas classroom
  • Guidance on the pedagogical design of programmes
  • GRAF (competencies project)
  • Folio (portfolio)

Teacher training

The eLinC provides methodological support in the training of coordinating professors when they join the UOC. Through our eLC License programme, over 130 new coordinating professors have received training in our educational model so they can perform their teaching duties successfully from the first semester.

Affiliated teaching staff receive training in the Dive into the UOC programme, through which over 3,200 teachers have been trained. Taking the figure from late 2021, we have helped teachers convert over 700 courses to the Niu challenge model.

What our work covers

The Learning Design Consultancy team works to support teachers in the implementation and development of the UOC's educational model from various perspectives, with a focus on the challenges facing the university.

This support can be seen in our work in the following areas:

eLearning Kit