Functions and aims

The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia, UOC) Ethics Committee, created by the University’s Governing Council, works on behalf of the academic community and research staff in order to guarantee that people’s dignity is respected in the research projects developed at the University. To do so, the Ethics Committee has to contribute to the development of quality scientific research that meets the codes of ethics, international agreements and declarations, and legislation in force in this area.

The functions of the Ethics committee is responsible for Research and Innovation Committee.

The Ethics Committee manages the administrative processes linked to the development of research projects and publication of results. It assesses the different procedures in place, determines whether the assessment is favourable or not, and issues its final resolution.

It has to handle enquiries from the university community on ethics-related issues, and produce and publicise information on specific subjects or particularly controversial questions. It is also the body for arbitration when doubts or conflicts arise in terms of the integrity of the research. Similarly, it proposes the minimum contents, methodology and design for training seminars and conferences in this area for the University’s research staff.