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K-ryptography and Information Security for Open Networks
K-ryptography and Information Security for Open Networks (KISON)

Many new services have emerged in the current information society, from movement locator technologies to electronic financial transactions. This has led to the creation of new technologies to enhance security for users, although they very often result more in the protection of corporations than the security of consumers.

The KISON group’s research lines focus on the compatibility of the security of decentralised networks (ad-hoc and P2P networks) and the protection of the intellectual property of digital content on the Internet with users' rights to privacy:

  • Security and privacy of open networks: This research line is concerned with the deployment of better mechanisms for enhancing security and privacy in several areas such as peer-to-peer networks, ad-hoc networks, RFID and sensor networks and online social networks, among others.
  • Security and privacy of multimedia content: This research topic consists of designing suitable techniques to protect the multimedia information that is transmitted over open networks, along with the privacy of the users of these contents. Most of the work performed in this research line is based on steganography, digital watermarking, fingerprinting protocols and steganalysis for a variety of applications such as broadcast monitoring, secret communications, copyright protection or content authentication, among others.
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