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The Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) is the UOC's research centre specializing in the study of digital society. The IN3's research integrates engineering – especially computer science and telecommunications – with social sciences, life sciences, human sciences, the arts and, in general, all those disciplines that study human activity, through an interdisciplinary approach.

The IN3 examines and interacts with digital society to contribute to its study and development by means of an interdisciplinary approach that combines engineering, social sciences and humanities. This approach involves close collaboration between the various disciplines to analyse the problems and challenges related to human activity in the digital world and to develop innovative strategies and technologies committed to progress, sustainability and the well-being of society.

The IN3 thus carries out sociotechnical research to build knowledge and develop technology in areas as diverse as the design of new smart cities, gender equality in the use of ICTs, digital humanities, crisis management, care for older people, social analysis through the tools of complex systems, technological and energy sustainability, the internet of things, new broadband networks, data governance, new participatory ways to strengthen democracy, AI techniques, and online security and privacy, among others.

This methodology makes it possible to provide constant feedback between the various disciplines and a global vision of the problems and challenges, as well as promoting citizen and stakeholder participation in the production of knowledge and sociotechnological innovations to address these challenges or problems.