Mission and vision

3. Mission

The IN3 is a research institute of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya that specializes in digital society. Through close collaboration between engineering, social sciences and human sciences, the IN3 generates interdisciplinary knowledge about digital technologies, especially the internet, and their effects on different areas of human activity in order to improve our understanding of technosocial phenomena and contribute to the progress of society.

The IN3 is a core pillar in the goal of giving meaning to the UOC as an excellent, innovative and socially relevant research university.

The IN3 aims to consolidate itself as a leading and pioneering research centre in the understanding and improvement of digital society through the generation of interdisciplinary knowledge about digital technologies and their social effects. The institute seeks to become a point of knowledge exchange between different sections of society and, by addressing emerging technosocial challenges, to contribute to a society that facilitates well-being and is more inclusive, sustainable, equitable and participatory.