Strategic Research Plan 2018/2021

The Strategic Research Plan of the Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences fosters research, dissemination and knowledge transfer in the fields of communication and information management, to help drive a social change and moulding it to respond to sustainable, open and accessible social and cultural needs.

We have three challenges:

  • Effective commitment to research
  • Contribute to society to make a real impact
  • Enhance in socially relevant research and innovation projects

Research Lines

Network society

  • The role of entertainment and its consumption as a key element in the emerging models of collaborative and participatory cultures that are characteristic of the knowledge society.
  • Persuasive communication in the knowledge society.
  • The challenges for civic journalism in the information age and the role of community media in today's communications panorama.

Education and ICT

  • The analysis of emergent patterns and needs in digital and audiovisual literacy.
  • Open Educational Resources (OER).
  • Investigation and experimentation in learning environments and processes based on collaboration, creativity, entertainment and the use of audiovisual technologies.
  • Innovation in the online teaching of communication.
  • Behaviour and decisions relating to use of the online environment in learning processes.


Creativity and digital culture

  • Transformations in specific forms of communication – film and audiovisual communication, journalism, corporate communication, and advertising – in the context of digital society.
  • Visual culture in today's communications ecosystem.
  • Analysis of the design, structure and use of video games and online gaming as a cultural and narrative artefact.
  • Creativity and innovation in communications.

Knowledge governance

  • Strategic management of knowledge.
  • Social media and knowledge.
  • New forms of creation and dissemination of scientific knowledge: big science and open science.
  • Competitive intelligence.
  • Data used as a new way to generate, manage and disseminate knowledge: big science, open data and open research data.

Research Groups and Publications


Communication for the Transformation of the Public Sphere

PhD Studies