Ended projects

The formulation of a Transfer Model to facilitate the application of research results to decision-making in healthcare (TRAM-S)

Preventive interventions and clinical recommendations based on scientific evidence are designed to be implemented and generate improvements with regard to the health of the population. This influence on the population's health frequently falls short, however, and translational research studies have identified the lack of distribution and implementation models capable of being applied on a transdisciplinary basis as a primary knowledge gap.

Longevity and work. A study on the modifiable factors affecting longevity and quality of life and its application in the workplace

The project will consist of analysing the evidence on the modifiable factors that affect longevity and quality of life, and its application in the workplace in the following areas: diet, physical activity, sleep, emotional wellbeing and biological markers, as well as a qualitative study conducted by a group of experts in occupational health.