Ended projects

Vejez, dependencia e incapacidad civil: aspectos fiscales y de la Seguridad Social

Old age, dependency and civil incapacity are conceptually differentiated situations that receive individualized legal treatment in various disciplines of the Spanish legal system. However, from a legal perspective, and of course a social one, these are not watertight categories, and significant areas of intersection between them can be identified, given that they can co-exist in the same individual. The significance of the phenomenon is undeniable, in view of the growing number of people who could potentially be affected by one or more of these situations. The specific aim of the project is to conduct an overall analysis of the phenomenon, by studying it from a Civil and Financial-Taxation law and Social Security perspective.

PIC2_Salut - Modernització tecnològica, canvi organitzatiu i servei als usuaris en el sistema de salut de Catalunya. Projecte Internet Catalunya (PIC)

The research project analyses the process of interaction between the information and communication technologies, organizational change, cultural change and the relationship with the users in the system for providing health services in Catalonia. The study includes a statistical analysis of the dissemination and uses of information and communication technologies and communication to the health system, including hospitals, primary healthcare centres, clinics and other services, as well as the relationship between the units that provide services and the public administrations and insurance companies.

MEDIACORP - Representación mediática de la Imagen Corporal no saludable. Desarrollo de una herramienta de prevención en niños y niñas de 5 a 8 años: Mi cuerpo me gusta

The purpose of the project is to design a media-based education tool that will offer guidance to children on body image in the media, specifically in advertising.

Las características del puesto de trabajo y las prácticas de recursos humanos como antecedentes de un bienestar laboral sostenible en las distintas etapas de la carrera

Over the last few decades, major transformations have taken place in the social-economic context, in job markets, in organizations and in the workplace. The recent and ongoing economic recession and the high rates of unemployment are raising questions about the sustainability of the levels of well-being at work achieved in previous decades. The concept of sustainable well-being at work (SWW) refers to the long-term maintenance of psychological health, job satisfaction and personal development of employees in a workplace in which they feel a high level of commitment to the job, and high levels of performance and productivity.