Títol: Communities of Practice for Accelerating Gender Equality and Institutional Change in Research and Innovation across Europe
Objectius: ACT will advance gender equality in the European Research Area by increasing gender expertise and operational effectiveness of Communities of Practice (CoPs) engaged in promoting institutional change, and in particular implementation of gender equality plans (GEPs), within and across research performing organisations (RPOs) and research funding organisations (RFOs). ACT will contribute to this overall goal through the achievement of three specific objectives, each comprised of distinct but inter-linked sub-objectives. 1-Consolidate and strengthen existing infrastructure for knowledge sharing and mutual learning in the field of institutional change and gender equality across Europe; 2-Develop tailor-made mechanisms for new learning and practice development through CoPs operating within multi-stakeholder, multi-agenda organisational academic environaments; 3-Establish the first European Network of Communities of Practice by supporting 7 new and/or consolidating CoPs
Investigador Principal: Müller, Jörg
Equip de projecte: Fàbregues Feijóo, Sergi; Meneses Naranjo, Julio; Minguillón Alfonso, Julià; Romano Serrano, Maria José; Sáinz Ibáñez, Milagros; Solans Pujol, Ricard
Grup de Recerca: Gènere i TIC: Investigant el Gènere a la Societat Xarxa
Data d'inici: 02/04/2018
Data fi: 01/04/2021
Entitat finançadora: European Commission
Convocatòria: Call 2016-17 "Science with and for Society (SWAFS)", H2020