Títol: Educational framework for online scenarios based on a human development perspective
Objectius: In this century it’s important that students are’nt just learning achievers at university, but also responsible citizens, effective workers, caring community members, and lifelong learners, in an increasingly interdependent world. This idea is strongly related to human development and life skills promotion concepts. The UNESCO organization proposed the conceptualization of the life skills education through the four pillars of learning. To our knowledge, there no exist research works that have operationalized these four pillars of education in online learning education. In this research project, we will operationalize the life skills education in online environment through a philosophical framework. Additionally, this project will promote lifelong learning in online students by creating an specific index which is based on the Nussbaum's list of central human capabilities. Our proposed OLLI index is inspired on the ELLI index. To our knowledge, so far, no lifelong learning indicator has been proposed for online learning. Unlike the ELLI index, the OLLI index will be constructed through questionnaires and will consider a greater number of indicators than the ELLI index.
Investigador Principal: Barberà Gregori, Elena
Grup de Recerca: Investigadors individuals en Psicologia i Ciències de l'Educació
Data d'inici: 01/09/2017
Data fi: 31/08/2018
Entitat finançadora: Beijing Normal University
Convocatòria: Call for Collaborative Research Proposals to Conduct Research on Big Data in Technology-Mediated Education