Títol: Implementing a Central Asian Center for Teaching, Learning and Entrepreneurship
Objectius: The main aim of this project is to implement a “Central Asian Center for Teaching, Learning and Entrepreneurship - CACTLE” in the innovative form of an international acting virtual expert network with a sustainable perspective. This CACTLE will be dedicated: • to qualify and certify HEI-teachers in modern Teaching Competencies in Economics and Business for the target groups: students, employees of private companies/public institutions and entrepreneurs. • to offer a course program and in class and long-distance training material for further training courses for enterprises/institutions to link the universities to business and industry, using specific modalities of teaching and learning patterns. • to develop a core-curriculum and teaching and learning material for an accredited elective “Entrepreneurship and Business development” at all participating universities. In the long run the CACTLE will have a sustainable impact on human capacity building of Central Asian countries and will act as an international service network to foster the knowledge triangle.
Investigador Principal: Sangrà Morer, Albert
Grup de Recerca: Research group in Education and ICT
Data d'inici: 15/10/2015
Data fi: 14/10/2018
Entitat finançadora: European Commission
Convocatòria: Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education 2015 ERASMUS+ Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices