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eLearn Center
eLearn Center
Shaping learning, rethinking teaching

The eLearn Center is the instrument provided by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) to facilitate applied research in e-learning, foster innovation in this field and convey the value of e-learning as a constituent element of the UOC's identity both inside and outside the institution.

Applied research

At the eLearn Center, applied research in e-learning is taken to be research aimed at fostering research by using the UOC itself as the scenario and that uses data obtained in this context, be it from the institution's users, sections or processes. This means that the result is highly transferable to the teaching experiences of the university, be it permanently or as a pilot trial, to the benefit of innovation and contributing to quality improvement.

Tutor Support

The eLearn Center has a vocation that is clearly geared towards UOC faculty, to whom it offers a range of services, including analysis and redesign of subjects or programmes, organization of themed sessions, exploration and selection of learning resources, data for improving teaching and an experimentation laboratory for pilot trials in real environments.