Títol: eLene4work: Learning to learn for new digital soft skills for employability
Objectius: The goal of Elene4work project is to help the companies identify the digital skills that would be of value to their business, taking into account a sample of pre-selected key digital skills, i.e. the soft skills developed by digital activities like e-collaboration, digital communication, social network participation, social media management and web 2.0 activities. Moreover, the main aim of the project is to allow students to 1) autonomously identify their own (gaps in soft skills and competences, in order to develop or improve them; their potential in digital soft skill, to bring them into the companies/labour market; 2) autonomously learn how (to fill their skill gap using MOOCs (and other OERs); to include in their cv their soft skills and their digital soft skills in order to enhance the opportunity to enter the labour market. Students will learn to learn how to use, make the most and exploit their own digital competences and soft skills in the labour market. The final outcomes of the project will also contribute to the development of the labour market through the exploitation and the added value of the creative potential of students/new workers in terms of digital competences.
Investigador Principal: Guasch Pascual, Teresa
Equip de projecte: Espasa Roca, Anna
Grup de Recerca: Ed-Online Research Group
Data d'inici: 22/12/2014
Data fi: 30/10/2017
Entitat finançadora: European Commission
Convocatòria: Call 2014 -Strategic Partnerships, Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good. ERASMUS+