Títol: The Cultural and Social Dimensions of the Economic Crisis, 2008-2014: From Human Suffering to Social protests. A Comparative Study of Networked Social Movements in Spain and US (2011-2014)
Objectius: This project aims to conduct an in depth analysis of two selected network movements: 15M in Spain and Occupy Wall Street in the US. We will conduct a double level analysis that will take into account the particularities of each country. First, we will analyze the characteristics, composition and impacts of each movement. Second, we will compare them so to understand their dynamics and their evolution from an international perspective.
Investigador Principal: Castells Oliván, Manuel
Equip de projecte: Blanche Tarragó, Daniel; Calleja López, Antonio; Fernández-Ardèvol, Mireia; Monterde Mateo, Arnau; Serrano Casado, Eunate; Toret Medina, Javier
Grup de Recerca: Xarxes, Moviments i Tecnopolítica
Data d'inici: 01/01/2014
Data fi: 31/12/2016
Entitat finançadora: International Balzan Foundation
Convocatòria: 2013 Balzan Prize for Sociology