Títol: Decrease of cOgnitive decline, malnutRition and sedEntariness by elderly empowerment in lifestyle Management and social Inclusion
Objectius: According to the UCD Institute of Food and Health, 3 are the most notable health promotion and disease prevention programs that target the main causes of morbidity and premature mortality: Malnutrition, Sedentariness, and Cognitive decline, conditions that affect the quality of life of elderly people and drive to disease progression.  These 3 features will represent the target areas in the DOREMI project. The project vision is aimed at developing a systemic solution for elderly, able to prolong the functional and cognitive capacity by empowering, stimulating and unobtrusively monitoring the daily activities according to well defined “Active Ageing” lifestyle protocols. The project  joins  the concept of prevention centered on  the elderly, characterized by a unified vision of being elderly today, namely, a promotion of the health by a constructive interaction between mind, body and social engagement. To fulfill these goals, food intake measurements and personalized metabolic control, exergames associated to social interaction stimulation, and cognitive training programs will be proposed to an elderly population enrolled during a pilot study. The project combines multidisciplinary research areas in serious games, social networking, Wireless Sensor Network, activity recognition and contextualization, behavioral pattern analysis. 
Investigador Principal: Lupiáñez Villanueva, Francisco
Equip de projecte: Codagnone, Cristiano; Mureddu, Francesco; Osimo, David; Theben, Alexandra
Grup de Recerca: Open Evidence
Data d'inici: 01/11/2013
Data fi: 31/10/2016
Entitat finançadora: European Commission
Convocatòria: Information & Communication Technologies Programme (ICT 2013-Call 10)